Ruby Gnuplot

Ruby Gnuplot is a pipe-based interface to the ever popular gnuplot package. Through this interface almost every capability of gnuplot is useable from within Ruby.

The goals of this package are as follows (in order of my priorities):

  1. Provide a general object oriented interface for scientific plotting that completely hides the details of the underlying implementation. ie. The fact that this uses gnuplot should be hidden from the user.
  2. Provide sufficient documentation so that this software is useable and extendable by other individuals in the scientific community.
Tuesday, 19 March 2003 - User's Guide 1.0 Released
The first version of the user's guide has been released. This is a work in progress but it currently has many examples of increasing complexity to show the fundamentals of how RGnuplot works.
Friday, 07 February 2003 - 0.5 Released
Version 0.5 has been released. There are some major changes in this version to include some class renaming and a fundamental change in the way that DataSets are created.

Feedback is very appreciated.

Bug reports and feature requests should be submitted via the project page at SourceForge.

email: Gordon James Miller.

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